Why You Should Hire a Traffic Ticket Lawyer

A traffic ticket lawyer is a lawyer who is experienced in fighting traffic tickets. Traffic attorneys are able to review your case for a small or no fee and offer valuable advice on whether you should fight a traffic ticket. A lawyer can help you reduce fines, points on your license, and insurance premium increases. It is important to consult with a New York City traffic attorney before you pay any fines. By paying a traffic ticket, you are admitting guilt and allowing the judge to collect additional fees and surcharges.

Traffic laws and penalties are constantly changing, and many drivers find themselves facing hefty fines and points on their license. The costs of these tickets can be significant and often have long-term effects on a driver’s livelihood and reputation. A Traffic ticket lawyer can help drivers navigate the legal system and potentially save thousands of dollars in fees, fines, and insurance rate spikes over the years.

As de Blasio’s Vision Zero initiatives continue to increase fees and fines for parking and moving violations, drivers are finding themselves slapped with expensive fees for things like “blocking the box,” spillback, and bus lane violations. With an already overcrowded traffic court, increased enforcement can clog the courts and result in longer delays in justice for motorists. New York City traffic attorneys are seeing an increasing number of motorists requesting their services to fight these tickets.

New York City is notorious for high speeding and failure to yield fines, but some drivers might be unfairly cited for violating the law. For example, police officers have discretion over how they apply the cell phone use while driving law, and some drivers may be cited for holding their phones near their ears, even if they are not talking on the phone. In addition to the upfront fines and fees, points on a driver’s license can lead to insurance premiums that skyrocket for years. A New York City traffic attorney can assess a situation and provide valuable guidance on whether it is worth fighting a traffic ticket.

In the end, most drivers will end up guilty of a violation when they go to traffic court. However, a traffic attorney can often get a driver’s case reduced or dismissed by arguing that they did not commit the offense or that there was insufficient evidence to prove it. Traffic attorneys are familiar with the rules of procedure and evidence and know how to make a convincing argument on behalf of their clients.

A simple act of paying a traffic fine is an admission of guilt and can lead to years of fees, fines, and insurance rate increases. Before you send in your fine, consider a free consultation with a New York City traffic attorney to determine whether it is worth fighting the ticket. A lawyer can help you save thousands in the long run by reducing or eliminating fees, fines, and points on your license. They can also protect your reputation in the event of a conviction.

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