Ultrasound Scarborough is a safe and useful diagnostic test

Ultrasound Scarborough is a safe and useful diagnostic test that uses high frequency sound waves to view the inside of your body. It is used in a wide range of medical situations including obstetrics (the care of pregnant women and their babies) to check that the baby is growing and developing properly and to ensure that the mother is healthy.

It can also be used for examining soft tissue structures in the body such as blood vessels, breasts and pelvic organs. It is a fast and painless procedure that can show many things about your body.

In contrast to radiographs or X-rays, which use invisible beams of radiation that create a picture on film of the different densities of your tissues and organs,  Ultrasound Scarborough gives low doses of ionising radiation and is less invasive. It is therefore often preferred over X-rays when possible to reduce risk of cancer.

When you come for an ultrasound examination, a health professional called a sonographer will ask you to lie down on the bed with the area that is being examined exposed and covered by a clear gel. The sonographer will then place the transducer onto the area and move it across with a sliding and rotating action to capture images of the tissues on the screen.

These images can then be printed off to take home with you. They can also be viewed on a computer screen, where you can see them as moving pictures. Dynamic imaging is particularly valuable in musculoskeletal (muscles, bones and joints related), gynaecological (women’s health, especially of the reproductive organs) and vascular (blood vessel related) ultrasound.

It is also often used for detecting abnormalities such as a tumour, cysts, or other problems in the breast. This can help the radiologist to make a diagnosis, identify cancer, or plan treatments.

During pregnancy, ultrasound is used to confirm the date of conception and for screening for Down’s syndrome. It is an ideal way to get a visual image of the fetus and is used throughout the first and second trimesters to monitor a baby’s growth and development.

The cost of an ultrasound can vary from body part, imaging type and location so it is best to try to find a hospital that works with a teleradiologist and provides cheaper reading costs for patients with insurance. It is a good idea to find a facility that offers same-day scheduling and all-inclusive fees so you can be sure that your scan will be as affordable as possible.

At Raynen Therapies in Scarborough, our physiotherapists are experienced at using ultrasound to treat a variety of conditions that can cause pain or injury. Our specialised ultrasound treatment helps to relieve pain, increase blood flow, decrease swelling and inflammation, and promote the healing process of damaged tissues.

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