Tips For Your Hardwood Floor Refinishing at Home

Hardwood floor refinishing in Tampa is just like refinishing any other type of wood. If you want to give your floors a new life, it is important to hire professionals that know what they are doing so that they can do a good job and not damage your floors. You should never attempt to refinish your floors on your own. Refinishing hardwood floors can be a very difficult process and if you do not follow the proper procedures, you could cause much more damage than good.

The first step in hardwood floor refinishing Tampa is to remove as much old finish as possible. It does not matter if you have a tile, carpet or wooden floors, you should always remove all old finish. This will help you refinish in an easier and less messy manner. If you do not remove all the old finish, you may find that it makes the refinishing process take longer and you will spend a lot of money in the process. You should also take special care to check for any dirt, dust or debris that is on your floors. You should remove it before you refinish.

After you remove all the material that is on your hardwood floors, you should sweep and mop the floors until they are totally clean. The best way to clean your hardwood floors is to use warm water with a cleaning agent that is specially designed for hardwood floors or using a floor cleaner that is designed for hardwood floors. These cleaners will give your floors a deep clean and will also remove any dirt or debris that is on them. If you follow these simple hardwood floor refinishing procedures you can rest assured that your floors will look great when you refinish them.

Once you have finished your sweep and mop, you should cover your flooring with a plastic sheet to prevent the spills that you may make from the cleaning solution from penetrating into the wood. If you are using a steam cleaner, you should allow the steam to penetrate all the way into the wood. Once you have done this you should leave the plastic sheet in place and then clean your hardwood floors with a wood or tile mop. This is how you clean hardwood floors.

You can follow up with a coat of sealant, again depending on the type of wood that is on your flooring. You should follow this procedure by allowing the sealant to dry thoroughly before you apply another coating of wood putty. This is one of the most important aspects of hardwood floors because if you don’t make it dry you may end up with wood chips instead of the beautiful smooth finish that you are looking for. If you follow these tips you will be able to get great results when you do your Tampa hardwood flooring refinishing at home.

The best part about these professionals is that they know the specific products that need to be used for different types of hardwood floors. You can use one product to refinish your whole floor or you can use different products for the corners, the mid-range floors and the high end floors of your home. When you call on a professional company for your hardwood floors refinishing at home you will be amazed at how much money that you will save on a professional floor refinishing job compared to doing it yourself. This is definitely something that you will want to do if you want to save money on your professional floor refinishing at home.