The Wastop(r) backflow valve uses a unique Memory Membrane

The Wastop(r) backflow valve uses a unique Memory Membrane. This specially formulated elastomer is inserted inside the pipe and maintains its shape and chemical resistance. This enables the Wastop to always open and seal as needed to prevent backflow. It also provides exceptional chemical resistance.

Inline non return valve

The Wastop inline non return valve is a patented construction that prevents backflow, prevents infiltration from small animals, and protects against floods. Its unique design also prevents insects and flotsam from entering your pipeline, as well as gases and odours. It is available for various pipe sizes and applications.

Memory Membrane

The Wastop backflow valve uses a memory membrane to ensure that it always opens and seals when required. The membrane is made of a specially formulated elastomer that has outstanding chemical resistance and shape retention. The valve can withstand backflow pressures of up to 12 meters.

Access Chamber

The Wastop backflow valve has a patented design to prevent backflow and prevent flooding. This unique valve is also designed to prevent odours and debris from infiltrating the pipeline. The Wastop is easily installed into any pipe, whether it is horizontal or vertical. If your pipeline is heavily polluted, this helpful hints valve is an ideal choice for preventing blockages.

Chemical resistance

The chemical resistance of a WaStop backflow valve is an important factor in ensuring that it works effectively. The valve is constructed from two parts: an elastomer sleeve and a pipe made of stainless steel or plastic. The sleeve is made from a specially formulated elastomer blend that offers excellent chemical resistance and shape retention. In addition, the sleeve is strong enough to withstand several meters of pressure from the opposite direction. This ensures that the valve will always open and close properly, preventing backflow.

Prevents infiltration by insects, small animals, and flotsam

The Wastop backflow valve has been patented and designed to prevent infiltration by insects, small animals, and other debris into the pipeline. It also protects against odours and prevents flooding. It is easily installed and can be placed on the inlet or outlet of the pipeline.