The Juno Ring – Combining Modern Elegance With Glittering Opulence

The Juno ring combines a modern design flair with a sense of dazzling opulence. Designed in your choice of 14k or 18k white gold, this bezel diamond bubble ring features a round cut center diamond and a bezel set halo of sparkling, princess cut stones. The halo of stones is enhanced by a hand engraved design and finished with milgrain texture. This ring is available in a variety of sizes and is made to order, so please allow 3 weeks lead time.

A solitaire diamond ring with a wide, flat band is crowned with a 0.75 carat princess cut center stone and accented with hand engraved designs and polished edges to provide a bold yet elegant look. This ring is the perfect accessory to complement any modern jewelry collection or for the woman with an eye for finely crafted jewelry and timeless style.

Inspired by the ancient Greek Goddess of marriage, fertility and childbirth, this ring is a powerful symbol of the inner strength and light that a modern woman needs to be able to navigate the world. The ring is delicately adorned with twinned prongs that add a touch of vintage charm to this contemporary design.

Classic Art Deco with the Stunning Old European Diamond

This exquisite Art Deco ring is set with your choice of an antique old European diamond, which is GIA certified to be a true antique. The center diamond is bezel set, and flanked by two bead and milgrain adorned flutes. This ring will add a refined touch of beauty to any ring collection, and is a great match for the Modern Bezel Diamond Bubble ring in the same design.

Bezel Set Blue Sapphire Semi Eternity Segmented Ring – 14k and 18k Gold or Platinum 950

Our beautifully crafted line of gemstone fashion juno ring features a variety of different gems in a range of colors and styles. Each ring is a masterpiece of design, blending glamour and a sense of understated elegance with the sparkle and beauty of beautiful color.

Juno – the $1.1 billion mission that launched in August 2011 and arrived at Jupiter on July 4, 2016 – will use its eight science instruments to study Jupiter’s structure, composition and magnetic field, as well as the planet’s atmosphere, and to determine whether it’s a planet or a gas giant. Its main focus is to understand how Jupiter formed and evolved, information that should help researchers better understand the entire solar system.

JADE – the Jupiter Auroral Dust Experiment (JADE) is an instrument that will help scientists identify the particles and processes that produce Jupiter’s auroras, as well as study the atmosphere in and around them. It will also help scientists create a three-dimensional map of the magnetosphere by measuring electrons and positively charged hydrogen, helium, oxygen and sulfur ions that make up Jupiter’s atmosphere.

UVS – the Ultraviolet Imaging Sensor – will be sensitive to both extreme and far-ultraviolet light. The instrument will help scientists identify the spectral features of Jupiter’s auroras. It will also allow the spacecraft to explore the atmosphere in and around Jupiter’s auroras, providing new insights into how the atmosphere interacts with the planet’s magnetosphere.