Proofy is an email validator that delivers real-time email verification services

If you have an email address, you may be wondering if your address is valid. There are several free email validators available. Some of them are Proofy, NeverBounce, Email Hippo, and Emailable. All of them offer different features and benefits. These email validators check your email for typos, errors, and other issues.


Proofy is an email validator that delivers real-time email verification services. This service helps marketers improve their email conversion rate. This service uses its powerful API to check email addresses and detect invalid or inactive email addresses. It also flags email addresses that accept emails. For the first 100 emails, Proofy is free. From there, you can purchase the service for $16 per 5,000 emails or $99 per 50,000 emails.

It is important to verify email addresses to avoid sending spam or generating bounces. Invalid email addresses will hurt your ROI. To avoid such situations, you should install an email validation tool. These tools use sophisticated AI to ensure the authenticity of email addresses. They also assign each email a Deliverability Score, which explains how likely it is that an email address belongs to a real person.


You can use a free email validator to identify invalid or inactive email addresses in your Mailerlite lists. The NeverBounce API will detect invalid and inactive email addresses and unsubscribe them instantly. NeverBounce offers a free email validator that allows you to clean up to 1000 emails per month. Those who need more email verifications can pay $10 per month for an unlimited account.

The NeverBounce email validator is free to use and has over 125,000 users. It offers flexible pricing plans where you can pay as you go or subscribe for volume discounts. It can validate email addresses within seconds and process tens of thousands in 45 minutes. It works with free email validator a variety of marketing automation tools and CRMs. Using NeverBounce will also leave you with a clean list of valid email addresses.


Emailable offers a free email validator and claims to improve email deliverability by up to 99%. The free email validator includes a multitude of features, including a domain check, syntax check, email detection, mail server validation, SMTP server monitoring, and reporting. It also runs a domain-specific check for spam and risky addresses, assigns a quality score to each email, and provides a comprehensive report that highlights any anomalies.

Emailable is a popular email validator, which provides detailed validation reports. It also provides recommendations for how to improve email deliverability. Emailable has a subscription program that begins at $9/month for up to 1,000 email addresses. The cost increases based on the number of email addresses you send, but the credits don’t expire. It’s a great option for those who need to regularly validate email addresses for their marketing campaigns.


MyEmailVerifier is a free and easy to use email validation service. It has more than 10,000 users and is trusted by many. Users can choose from prepaid plans or a free plan with 100 email credits. Moreover, users can earn up to 2,500 free email credits when they leave a customer review on an independent website, or by creating a video testimonial.

The MyEmailVerifier has advanced email verification technologies. It can identify bounce and invalid emails. It can also help reduce the bounce rate. It also allows users to identify catch-all emails.