Paul Leongas Tips to Enjoy an Irish Pub

Paul Leongas Shares the Best Tips to Enjoy An Irish Pub

If you are looking for a great way to enjoy an Irish pub, then Paul Leongas will certainly have something to offer you. A former journalist, he has travelled extensively around the world in order to find the best places to drink. In his new book entitled “The Irish Pub: A Guide to Drinking in Ireland”, he shares with fellow travelers his secrets on how to enjoy a true Irish pub. This book is truly the ultimate travel guide to the Emerald Isle and is certain to become a huge hit once it goes on sale.

Paul Leongas starts out by describing the three main factors that determine the quality of an Irish pub. These factors are weather, food, and atmosphere. Once he pinpointed these three key elements, he proceeds to give practical tips on how to create the perfect Irish bar. He begins by explaining how to determine what kind of bar you want by considering the weather of the area as well as the food and atmosphere. There are four primary types of pubs, and the way you categorize them will affect how you plan your night.

Ireland is known for its strong Catholic influence, and Paul Leongas understands this well. The Trinity College Museum in Dublin is a great place to experience what true Ireland is all about. It displays religious history in all its detail, right down to the smallest detail. The museum also houses many artifacts from throughout the centuries, including a crown found in the wreck of the Black Prince. You will definitely want to take a closer look at this priceless piece once you enter this amazing building.

When it comes to food, you will need to sample some of the finest Irish dishes around. Stop into the O’Flynn’s at Portobello for some of the best pastas you’ll ever eat. They are absolutely fresh and filled to the brim with flavor. If you are not quite up to snuff with the pasta, you can always try something else such as the spinach and artichoke quiche. The chef is responsible for creating a masterpiece every time, and his culinary talents are clearly visible.

Don’t forget to dance! The main dance floor at the O’Flynn’s is always live, and you can see thousands of people enjoying the songs and dances along the way. This is also where you are likely to encounter some of the locals that live in the village. If you happen to be looking for a great time while in Dublin, consider dancing the night away on this popular dance floor.

Paul Leongas gives great tips to enjoy an Irish pub. It just doesn’t matter if you choose to drink aboard a pub stool, or drink out of the tap. No matter what type of bar you choose, Leongas will help you have the best time possible. If you are having trouble enjoying yourself, he offers many suggestions on how to do just that. He also guides you to the perfect pint for your party, and will show you how to celebrate an Irish bar with friends from all over the world.