Modern Minimalism: Sleek and Simple Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Modern Minimalism: Sleek and Simple Bathroom Remodel Ideas

A pared-back aesthetic focuses on form, function and natural materials. Whether you want to upgrade your dated shower curtain or retile your room, this minimalist style can be as affordable as it is beautiful.

The key to minimalism is balancing clean surfaces with decorative accents, says designer remodel your bathroom on a budget Courtney Carver of Be More With Less, a blog that promotes the philosophy. “Avoid overly trendy decor and instead opt for pieces that are timeless or classic in nature,” she explains. “This will allow you to easily swap out accessories as your tastes change over time.”

A minimalist bathroom is often nature-inspired and relies on earthy textures like woods and stone, says HGTV expert Amy Nadine. Minimalists also love natural light, so open up your space by exposing or installing windows when possible.

If you have a budget that doesn’t stretch to an extravagant tub or luxe counters, add character and visual interest with patterned tiles or a bold wall color. Embrace texture by choosing a unique tile option like this mother-of-pearl mosaic that adds a touch of luxury to this sleek bathroom.

Textured flooring adds definition and warmth to a minimalist design, but don’t go overboard with pattern. In this bathroom, floor-to-ceiling Carrara marble ties the room together, while the natural wood vanity provides balance.

Incorporating rustic elements brings farmhouse style to a minimalist design, as seen in this Becca Interiors-designed bathroom. Wood slats on the walls, a vintage tin lamp, a towel ladder and jute floor mat all add personality without overwhelming the sparse space.

A minimal bathroom should be free of unnecessary clutter, but it’s okay to include a few sculptural items. This ostrich egg sculpture brings interest to the room while providing a restful focal point for the eye. Artwork is another great way to introduce pops of color and personality to a minimalist design, but select artwork that’s subtle or features a single, moody hue like jewel tones or dark, moody purples.

While chaos and over-the-top color are out of the question for minimalists, a little bit of color can help create a warm, welcoming bathroom. This room’s yellow-and-brown rug breaks up the all-white surfaces and brings a touch of warmth to this modern minimalist space. Minimalists also love plants, and this tall, stately tree enlivens the space with a burst of green while bringing balance to an otherwise simple room. For more inspiration, check out our gallery of the best minimalist bathrooms.