Mobile Signal Solutions

Mobile signal solutions help improve mobile phone reception in large buildings, premises, and cars. Whether you’re on the road, in a hotel, or just stuck in traffic, a Signal Booster can make a big difference in your signal. Read on to find out more about mobile signal solutions. Ultimately, choosing the right one for your needs will help you make your phone connections better.

WeBoost Home MultiRoom

The weBoost Home MultiRoom is a wireless signal booster that can increase the signal strength for any cellular network. The system is designed to be easy to install and is compatible with all cell networks in the US. Customers need only to know which direction the nearest cell tower is located and position the external antenna in that direction. This is critical for the booster’s effectiveness, as the signal strength will be better if it’s pointed toward the tower.

With the weBoost Drive Reach, you can enjoy reliable cellular coverage in up to three large rooms, covering an area of up to 5,000 square feet. This system also offers reliable cellular coverage in rural areas and large homes. It is one of the most powerful multi-room cell signal boosters available for residential use and offers the best value for the price. It delivers the strongest signal across all network speeds and is suitable for remote areas.

WeBoost Boost Pro

WeBoost Boost Pro mobile signal solutions provide better 3G and 4G coverage, while delivering the ultimate convenience in your car. Poor cellular reception in your car is a problem caused by many factors, including distance from cell towers, outside interference, and materials used in the car. However, with mobile signal solutions the right weBoost solution, these issues are eliminated and you’ll enjoy reliable, consistent service wherever you are.

The weBoost Boost Pro mobile signal solutions cover residential, commercial, and vehicle applications. These mobile signal boosters are compatible with a wide range of devices, from cell phones to laptops. The installed product is supported by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and lifetime technical support. This powerful device improves your cellular signal by up to 32X, reaching further from a cell tower and covering an entire home or office. Plus, it’s compatible with up to four phones.

Nextivity IntelliBoost Baseband Processor

The Nextivity IntelliBoost Baseband Processer for mobile signal solutions offers the best performance and versatility for your network. Its unique features include better data rates than passive DAS solutions, a self-optimizing platform, and RF over Ethernet (PoE) distribution. Plus, it provides a wide range of support for LTE devices.

Nextivity has a diverse portfolio of mobile signal solutions and has several patents to back up its products. Its products have been certified by more than 200 carriers worldwide. Its flagship Cel-Fi Smart Signal Boosters have been developed using advanced radio frequency technology and are compatible with RoHS directive and environmental regulations. The company also strives to use recyclable materials for its products.


With a wide range of high-performance, cellular signal boosters, Cel-Fi is able to address critical coverage issues in the business, enterprise, and residential environments. These devices leverage IntelliBoost chipset technology for unparalleled gain and coverage per square metre. In addition, Cel-Fi is the only carrier-authorized signal booster in New Zealand.

The Cel-Fi GO Intelligent Signal Booster is the company’s first all-in-one cellular coverage solution, designed for indoor/outdoor and stationary applications. With a system gain of 65 dB, this product is highly effective at improving cellular service. Its patent-pending electrically steerable antenna technology also reduces power requirements, extending the life of cell phones.


WilsonPro has been providing high-quality cellular amplification for businesses for over 20 years. From small buildings to large buildings, WilsonPro signal boosters can handle any project. The company focuses on innovation and customer service, as well as partnering with integrators. Many of its products are designed and made in the USA and are 5G ready.

WilsonPro signal boosters capture an outside cell signal and amplify it by up to 32 times. This results in better voice quality and faster data speeds. The company provides both passive and active DAS systems.