IMAX Opening a VR Arcade in Toronto

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IMAX is opening an arcade inside its theatres in Toronto and other cities across the country that will feature 25 new VR experiences over the next three years, according to a recent interview with IMAX’s president Mark Welton. These new experiences are part of IMAX’s $130 million investment in the industry and will give theatergoers a chance to jump into the virtual world without having to invest in a costly headset.

These new arcades will feature a variety of VR experiences, many of which will be exclusive to the site. They’ll also have a focus on social experiences, with the hope that people will be more likely to come back with friends or family members than just for their own personal enjoyment.

One of the most popular experiences at IMAX’s current locations is the Justice League VR experience, which was designed in collaboration with Google and the Russo brothers. It uses the HTC Vive headset and is a mix of live action and animation.

Aside from the Justice League experience, IMAX has also been working on a VR fund that will allow it to partner with filmmakers to develop immersive experiences for the theater space. Currently, a number of prominent names in the entertainment space have signed on to make these exclusive experiences, including Justin Lin and Peter Jackson.

While these new arcades are still in their infancy, they’re already making their mark on the industry and could represent a significant change for the future of gaming in the movie theater. With their central location and prominence within a theater, they can draw more theatergoers directly to the VR world, rather than simply those who are looking for an alternative to watching the latest blockbuster.

The VOID is reopening soon in Mississauga

If you’re a fan of VR gaming, you might be interested to know that the VOID is getting ready to reopen its doors. This popular location is among the pioneers in out-of-home VR entertainment and was among the worst hit when the COVID-19 pandemic decimated the industry.

It is a hyper-realistic arcade with temperature variations, vibrations, wind, sound and even the smell of the game’s environment. It also offers different time slots for its game sessions, which will allow you to spend more or less time in the virtual worlds you’re exploring.