Heavy Duty Towing Trucks

If you need to move a big rig or a semi, a heavy duty towing truck can be an invaluable asset. These trucks can tow garbage trucks, bulldozers, and drivable cranes. Some of these trucks are even large enough to haul a full-size jetliner.

Light-duty vs heavy-duty towing

There are two primary categories of tow trucks: light and heavy. Both are licensed to tow vehicles and are often used to assist motorists who have broken down. They are also sometimes used for parking ban enforcement or tow cars from construction zones. Choosing the right type of tow truck for the job depends on the circumstances surrounding the breakdown. A light-duty truck can handle smaller vehicles, and a heavy-duty one can handle larger vehicles.

While light-duty towing trucks are typically used for city-cars and sedans, heavier vehicles and commercial vehicles require heavy-duty trucks. This type of tow truck is more capable of handling a larger load, and its extra horsepower and torque allow it to move larger vehicles more quickly. To determine which type of tow truck you need, you should contact a qualified towing company for more information.

Trucks that can move big rigs

Big rigs are trucks that move large, heavy loads. While there are several types of big rigs, the most popular ones have a flatbed design. These vehicles are also known as semi-trucks or tractor-trailer trucks. They have multiple axles and weigh up to 164,000 pounds. Trucking is one of the most dangerous jobs in the U.S.; truck drivers account for nearly half of all work-related fatalities. In 2018, 71 percent of all work-related deaths were caused by road accidents.

Semis and other big rigs are much longer and heavier than most other vehicles. Semis are capable of hauling massive loads, such as bulky machinery, at once. Federal regulations set weight limits for big rigs to protect the driver, cargo, and engine. These weight limits are especially important when moving hazardous materials.

Trucks that can move semis

Trucking is one of the most vital industries in the United States. Over 70 percent of the goods sold in the country are moved by truck. In fact, the trucking industry is considered the “lifeblood” of the heavy duty towing American economy. It employs over 3.5 million people and uses nearly 38 billion gallons of diesel fuel annually to move goods across the country.

Semi-trucks are large vehicles that are used to haul heavy goods across the country and around the world. These vehicles have massive, powerful engines that can go millions of miles. They also feature a single-person cab, short wheelbase, and solid rear axle. They can also be electric or run on alternative fuels. A fifth-wheel coupling is another important feature of a semi truck. This attachment keeps the legs in the lowered position during movement.

Trucks that can move garbage trucks

Trucks that move garbage often use robotic arms to move the trash bins. This technology is called automated side-loaders, and manufacturers such as Heil Environmental Industries are constantly adding new features. For instance, a robotic arm that can drive along the opposite side of the truck is much easier to maneuver than a conventional garbage truck.

In addition to being easy to maneuver, garbage trucks must also be well-balanced in order to prevent the trash from falling off. The driver of a garbage truck can’t know what people are going to throw out on a particular day, so balancing the load is extremely important. Otherwise, the driver can’t predict which trash to pick up and will increase the risk of an accident.

Trucks that can move bobtails

Bobtails are big, heavy vehicles that can’t be handled by a regular tow truck. These vehicles include semi-trucks, garbage trucks, motorhomes, bobtails, and buses. Sometimes these vehicles are involved in road accidents or have mechanical problems. When this happens, a heavy-duty tow truck is essential to recover the vehicle.

A heavy-duty tow truck has a higher lifting capacity and is able to handle a wide range of recovery situations. These trucks are typically equipped with under-reach capabilities and a cab lift of 23 or 25 tons. These trucks are also equipped with wheel lifts that can lift heavy vehicles.