Hardie Board Siding Installations Calgary

When it comes to choosing a new type of siding for your home, you have many options. Some are more expensive than others, but they may last longer, require less maintenance, or offer other benefits. One option that has been popular recently is hardie board siding, which is created by James Hardie. It is often billed as a low-maintenance and long-lasting material. Let’s look at the pros and cons of this type of siding, as well as its costs and installation methods, to see if it lives up to its claims.

What Is Hardie Board Siding?

Also known as fiber cement siding, hardie exteriors contractors in Calgary board is a type of cladding that is designed to be durable and visually appealing. It is made from a mixture of cement, sand, and cellulose fibers, which provides superior strength. It is also resistant to rot, warping, swelling, and moisture, which can be problematic with some other types of siding.

It is available in a wide range of textures and colors, which makes it easy to find the right match for your home. It is also a fire-resistant material, which can help to save you money on insurance in some cases. Additionally, it is a green option that is manufactured using sustainable practices.

If you are looking for a siding option that will stand up to the harsh climate of Calgary, hardie board may be an excellent choice. It is built to withstand the heavy snow and hail that can damage other types of siding, as well as extreme temperature fluctuations. Additionally, it is designed to withstand the high winds that are typical of the city.

In addition to its durability, hardie board is also a good choice because it can be installed over existing cladding, making it easier to install than some other types of siding. Additionally, it is a fire-resistant material, which can save you money on your homeowner’s insurance.

The cost of hardie board siding installations Calgary can vary depending on your specific needs and your contractor. It’s important to compare prices from several different contractors before making a decision. This will ensure that you get the best deal on your project. It’s also a good idea to have a contract drawn up before starting the work. This will protect you from unlicensed contractors and ensure that the job is done properly.

If you’re thinking about having hardie board installed, it’s important to choose a reliable and experienced contractor. The experts at Alpine Eavestrough can help you select the right siding for your home and ensure it is properly installed. They will create a plan and visual mockup of the face of your home and take into account all of the unique nuances of your property. They will then use the latest best practice and industry standards to perform the work, giving you a high-quality result that will last for years to come. Call them today to learn more about their services or schedule a consultation.

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