Godrej Ashok Vihar Residential Area – The Popular Residential Area of Delhi

Godrej Ashok Vihar is a very popular residential area of Delhi. Ashok Vihar has a lot of things to offer people who are looking for a nice residential area in Delhi. It is one of the largest residential areas of Delhi and has a lot of nice and comfortable apartments and other homes. The area is quite well known for being the place where many prominent people live in.

People residing in Ashok Vihar have a good chance of living comfortably and peacefully as there are lots of places to do and things to see here. The area is full of restaurants, bars, discotheques and shops. The area has a lot of shopping malls and other places where one can buy and shop.

Ashok Vihar is a very commercial place in terms of commercial activities. Many hotels are situated here and many people spend a lot of time relaxing and enjoying their stay in these hotels. There are also plenty of other places like discotheques and other places that host entertainment events and parties every now and then. You will find a lot of restaurants here serving Indian cuisine and you can also find some Chinese restaurants. Some of the discotheques and other places that are located here are the Raffles Bar, Chocolat, and Sari Bar.

The commercial area of Ashok Vihar is also known for its good schools. It has several private and government schools here. Most of the children here have attended different schools throughout their lives and most of them have had good experiences there. The public schools here are known for having very good facilities and teachers.

Ashok Vihar is also known for its restaurants and other places where you can eat. Many of the restaurants here offer great Indian food and are very famous all over the world. There are also a lot of places that serve Indian cuisines and the best thing about these restaurants is that they offer a lot of buffets. This means that you can eat a lot of different kinds of food at one place and not miss anything out of the menu. There are also several discotheques and other places where one can go to enjoy. and have a good time.

Ashok Vihar has everything that one could need in a residential area. It has many beautiful residential houses with wonderful gardens and parks and all these homes are designed very well and have a lot of nice amenities and things to offer to the residents. People can easily move from one part of the neighborhood to another, because the houses are all very big and very well designed. All these things make Ashok Vihar, a very popular place to live in.