Creating a Garden Studio Near Me

Whether you’re an art student, gardener, or just a person with a passion for the creative arts, a garden studio near me is an ideal way to cultivate your artistic talents and focus on projects. Stylish, comfortable, and surrounded by lush greenery, a garden room is the perfect place to relax and recharge. It’s also an excellent place to escape the droning noise of busy urban living.

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted many people to work from home, so transforming the shed in your backyard into a zen-like garden studio is a great idea for those looking to get a lot of work done in peace. These beautiful garden offices and sheds can be clad in timber or corrugated steel, and feature windows that open up to panoramic views of your garden. Some even have lofty ceilings, so they can double as a relaxing retreat. The best thing about these garden rooms is that they are completely insulated and can be enjoyed all year round, whether you’re working from home or enjoying the great outdoors.

Brooklyn residents have taken advantage of the borough’s relaxed planning restrictions and have begun adding quirky garden buildings to their townhouses. In this case, the designers of this small studio carved out a space in a back yard for an artist to paint and write from home. A minimal wooden desk cantilevers over the building’s lower wall and is paired with a petite wood-burner. The whole space is surrounded by serene blue accents that lend it the feeling of a tranquil hideaway.

After the pandemic, architects Tomaso Boano and Jonas Prismontas designed a prefabricated garden office to help people find balance between work and play. The lightweight structure can be assembled in less than a day, making it easy for anyone to add an at-home workspace to their property. The exterior is clad in iridescent dipped steel, while the interior is lined with timber and insulated with sheep’s wool to reduce heat loss.

As the weather improves, New Yorkers are once again venturing out into their gardens to find creative sanctuary. A repurposed chicken coop makes an ideal garden office, with the addition of a sleek, modern glass door. During the day, sunlight filters through the window and reflects off the walls, creating a bright and airy space to work from home. When the sun sets, a hidden switch flips the lights and music on, and this outdoor meditative studio becomes an intimate gathering spot for friends.

Whether you want to play your saxophone at 7am or simply enjoy the peace of your garden, Crusoe Garden Rooms tailor each of their cedar-clad designs to suit the needs of each customer. This particular 4m x 3m music studio features soundproof insulation, so their client can continue to play their saxophone without disturbing their neighbours. The eye-catching orange framework of the exterior is also echoed in details like the bespoke clock and table legs inside.