Buying a Long Sleeve Wool Shirt

Wool is a sustainable fabric that naturally wicks moisture away from the body, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable in any situation. It also has natural antimicrobial properties, so it will help to keep you free from odors and fungus.

Choosing a long sleeve wool shirt is a great way to add extra warmth when the temperature drops or you’re taking a cold-weather hike or a stroll on the beach. They come in a range of styles and colors, so you can pick a style that suits your lifestyle.

A good merino wool shirt will be soft and smooth against the skin, and it won’t make you itchy or scratchy. This is especially true for merino wool with a higher micron count (like the Journey and Wander wool shirts from Mammoth Lakes-based Ridge Merino, which have 17.5-micron merino).

These tees are designed to be worn as base layers underneath other layers. They will be a bit thicker than a cotton tee, and they’ll be more form fitting in the chest and waist. Depending on your needs, choose a size up if you want a more relaxed fit.

Some merino wool shirts will feel tight or a little itchy at first, but they should get better with more wears and washes. We like to call this the “break-in period.”

Another advantage of a pure merino wool t-shirt is that it won’t need as many washings as other types of fabrics. As a result, it can help to reduce the amount of clothing you need to pack for your next trip.

In addition, a merino wool click here t-shirt should never need to be ironed, as it will hold its shape and won’t wrinkle. This is particularly important if you’re planning to travel and need to pack light.

Isobaa makes a variety of 100% merino wool tees, including both short-sleeve and long-sleeve options for men and women. Their 150-weight short-sleeve t-shirts are perfect for hiking or backpacking in warm weather, and the 180-weight long-sleeve tees are a good option when the temperatures dip.

Icebreaker is a brand known for its technical outdoor gear, and their line of merino wool tees is no exception. The company uses a weight numbering system to indicate the thickness of the fabric so you know exactly what you’re getting, from featherweight (150 grams per meter) to heavyweight.

They also offer a mix of merino wool and nylon in their tees. The nylon helps to keep the shirt from getting too hot, and it also helps to increase the durability of the merino wool.

This company is a relative newcomer to the world of merino wool, but their tees are top-notch, and the brand has a great reputation for their products. They have a wide selection of colors and fit options, and they even have a merino wool/Tencel blend for summer.

This tee has a slightly relaxed fit, with a bit of extra room in the sleeves for a comfortable and versatile option. It’s not a very athletic shirt, but it fits well and is incredibly soft against the skin.