Bill Bhangal’s Case Isn’t Over Yet

Bill Bhangal, the spouse of former PC candidate, Gurmeet Bhangal, was convicted of sexual assault in 2013. The conviction was overturned on appeal, but the case isn’t over yet. A judge found both the complainant and the defence witness credible, which resulted in a new trial.

Bill Hundal

Bill Hundal was found guilty of lewd acts against his daughter in December 2006. He was sentenced to six years in prison. In an appeal filed on January 1, 2009, Hundal argued that the appellate court’s decision was based on an insufficient record and was an unintentional deviation from the facts. However, the court denied his petition on March 11, 2009.

A review of the trial transcript revealed that Hundal’s defense counsel was unable to challenge a key witness, Dr. Howells. The prosecution also peremptorily challenged the only Hindu Sikh on the jury panel.

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Sexual assault case

Bill Bhangal’s case has reached a new stage. Last month, he was found guilty on one count of sexual assault. He was convicted of driving his victim to a quiet spot in Brampton and kissing her under her clothes. According to the court, the incident occurred in April 2011. The Bill Bhangal Crown had claimed that the accused conspired with witnesses to cover up the sexual assault. The judge in the case, Mr. Justice Richard Schwarzl, described the crime as low-to-moderate.

According to the court documents, Bhangal’s accuser told the court that he forced the complainant to kiss him and groped her under her shirt. She was unable to contact her mother, so she had to call the police. The complainant was later diagnosed with depression and was relying on her parents.


The Brampton-based businessman, Bill Bhangal, was recently convicted of sexual assault and sentenced to four months house arrest. Bhangal, who was married to a Conservative Party candidate, was convicted in February of driving the victim to a secluded spot in April 2011 and kissing her under her clothes. The conviction was upheld after an appeal. On appeal, the Crown argued that Bhangal’s good character would make jail time disproportionate.

The complaint was made by the complainant, who accompanied Bhangal to count lawn signs in the neighbourhood of Brampton. The pair were collecting data for the upcoming provincial election. The woman was smoking cigarettes when Bhangal forcibly kissed her and groped her under her shirt. She then told Bhangal to stop when a van approached her, but Bhangal drove back to his office. A week later, the complainant called the police. She also told her work supervisor and her mother.


Bill Bhangal’s reputation is somewhat tarnished due to the scandal involving his wife. Bhangal, who was convicted of sexual assault in 2013, has since successfully appealed his conviction. This resulted in a second trial before a new judge. On that occasion, the Ontario Court found that the complainant and defence witness were credible.