Shane Peck Zach Barnhart

About 80s Invasion

The band was formed by good friends who have spent years touring and recording in a variety of musical settings. We love to play music together and have always had a fondness for the music of the 80s. After perusing our LPs for inspiration, the band put together a list of favorite songs and took up the challenge to become the definitive 80s experience.

It's All About The Details

The synth-based dance music of the 80s is a rich tapestry of sound with layered keyboards, electronic percussion, and highly polished production. There are plenty of bar bands out there playing a rough approximation of those 80s hits. As the saying goes, "the devil is in the details". The challenge in playing such complex and recognizable music is to painstakingly recreate all the subtle nuances and tiny details. It's hard to do it really well, and we put immense effort into preparing these songs for performance, tweaking synth patches, programming guitar tones and dialing in the electronic percussion. It has to be right. But that's what makes the difference between getting it "in the ballpark" and nailing it.

Band Personnel

  • Zach Barnhart: Keyboards, Programming, Vocals
  • Cathy Le: Vocals
  • Shane Peck: Drums

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